Thursday, April 30, 2009

hApPy AnNiVeRsArY,dear....:) bru hbis exam nie...
trus je tulis blog..hehe..:)

Sy ade suprise jgk utk syg..4 our 2nd simple je...hope u like it...ape2 pun..syg kne blk cni dlu..wek!:p

thank's 4 loving me...
thank's sbb sntiase ade dgn sy...
sanggup layan kerenah sy...
accept me 4 who i am...
wat sy happy...
comfortkan sy...
thank's 4 everything,honey...every single thing...
i really appriciate it,syg....

I really hope n pray dat our love n relationship will remain happy this way...
n last forever...amin...

Last word..
I love u so much,syg..n i always will...
now n forever...
i promise...

mmmmmuuuuaaah! i love u,sweetheart....:)


Monday, April 27, 2009

hApPy BiRtHdAy,sayang.....:)

Selamat hari jadi....

Ceng ne ceng ni huai le...

Pirathanal valdugal...

Happy birthday to u....

hehe..lgu utk tak...??:p

Emm...mnelah suprise sy nie....

tunggu jelah ye,syg....

hrp2 syg suke...:)

Emm...tak sangke dah bsr dah syg sy nie...hehe..:p

tp still cute...:)

Syg ingat tak birthday syg last year....???

Mama sy watkan kek...tepat pkul 12 mlm je..kite celebrate same2..

syg trkejut sgt mse tue..hehe..siap ade present lg...well..suprise..!!!:)


bile dah jauh tak tau nak wat mcm mne...

juz hoping dat my suprise is on time...

but naa....late!geramnye.....:(

Ape-ape pun...there's still a suprise ble syg blk cni nnt...

jd..blk cepat..!!!hehe...(i miss u..):p

Emm...Happy birthday syg...

like u said..this is the beginning of ur life n new chapter of us...

hope dat our relationship last forever..amin...:)

Dah tak tau nak tulis ape dah..tak best betul tgh exam week,ade important event..very important to me...tak tau nak wat ape..brebut2..takde mse...but i always have time for u,dear...:)

Last word...juz wait 4 the's simple but full of love to u...:)

Ha,nie kek utk syg...mcm kek kawin...special tau..hehe..:p




Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank's honey....

Sy rase terhaaaaru sgt bile bace dr a walk to remember tue smpi happy birthday....rase mcm nak menitiskan air mata...anyway,mmg dah nangis dah pun..hehe..:p sy tak tau nak ckp ape...i'm speechless,dear...

Sy slh ble sy rse mcm syg abaikan sy sdgkan syg sntiase ade dgn sy...i'm sorry,honey..maybe it's bcoz i miss u so much....

Sy tahu syg saaayang sgt2 dkt pun...saaayang sgt2 dkt syg...syglah segala2nya bg sy...tnpe syg,sy tak tahu arah tuju sy...sbb,syglah kekuatan sy...slalu bg sy support,semangat n byk lg...makin lme sy dgn semakin faham syg...yg bgsnye,makin krg selisih fhm...yg tak bgsnye,sy smkin kuat jeles..(that's bcoz i love u so much n i dun wanna lose u)..:)

Sy amat trharu bile sy tgk effort syg utk wat sy happy...hehe..kelakar jgk bile sy bce..thank's honey...:)I juz want u to know that..'I don't need anything else in this world when you with me...i only need n want you,'s more than enough for me...n i'm so thankful that u still love me n our relationship last till today...n i always pray for our love n relationship to last forever....'


xoxoxoxoxoxo....i love u,darling....:)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh my God! Esok hari jadi Aqilah.. Ape aku nak bwat ni!

I thought of buying strawberry cake so that i can put the picture of that cake in this blog..
Just like the image above..

Even though i makan sendiri,but anyhow i want to put her name on that cake...:)
To show how much i appreciate her in this special occassion

So i check my wallet in front of 'Just Bake'

50 rupees?????

" Kejadah ape aku nak beli kek harga 50 rupees. sepotong kek je la aku dapat kot. huhu "

So i walk away with empty hands..
Oh my,nak pegi bank,bank tutup plak

" Ala~ tym ni la plak bank nak tutup. Tutup la mnggu depan ke, taun depan ke...Nyampah btol!!"

So,i sit at the dissection hall,thinking of what to do




Huh!! still no idea

when i went home,i thought of...

"hmmm...nak masak special la hari ni. Pas2 letak dalam blog..hehe"

Then i check la dapur


"Ade sebijik telur je??"

Adoi,what to do

Thanks to my brilliant idea
I want to goreng telur tu then write

'Happy Birthday Aqilah'

gune sos cili on it's top...

huhu~ :(

Then i readied all the things to cook

after i put all minyak masak and everything,

i pecahkan la the egg to cook

then,u know what....

Keluar cecair kaler HITAM!!!!

"What the hell is this???!!"

huhu....another plan destroyed succesfully

ni la hasilnyer:

Yaaa!!! Definitely right into the 'TONG SAMPAH'

At last i don't know what else to do..
Just wanna buy a slice of cake
But transport lak takde

If i naek autorickshaw

Kene kebas lagi 30 rupees

So i got 20 rupees left

Still i can't get not even a slice with 20 rupees

maybe this is a test to see how far can i go

how much i'm willing to do for her

At least i tried....

even though i can't buy sumthng like this:

or this:

or even this:

But can anyone tell me where to buy a heart that is so full of love and passion???

Nah~ i bet you can't because my heart is only for 'Aqilah

Happy Birthday Sayang~
It is the start of another chapter in your life
Another episode of you and me...:p

I love u so much!!!!
And may our relationship last forever..


Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Love Eternally


Last time I watched 'A Walk to Remember' is a year ago
Very touching story,so romantic, could even melt my "men's heart"~

So,despite of my crampy time that i have..
I watched it again last night

Still the affection,the passion and the burning love that attached to the story moved me.
I feel like i want to take good care of what i have

The person who always there for me
I don't want to neglect every person that love me
Because once they're gone,and you don't ever appreciate them,
you will regret for the rest of your life

The story unfold the true love that we should appreciate

the miracles it brought to us

the beauty of a relationship that relies on only one, no other than pure love

never ever polluted by something else
such as lust and greed

relationship that don't even care for one man's pride

So far,i try my best to give happiness to the person i loved and always love
But not best enough
Yeah,i know
I'm not the perfect guy in the world
That's for sure

But I try to be the most perfect guy for her

Once, i watched "Cinta", there is a quote that is really right for me
"Kadang-kadang,orang yang paling kita sayang lah yang paling susah untuk disayangi"

It's true!
Love makes us do stupid things

But pure love bring us to even further than stupid
it change people!

Now i understand a little bit
it's not how you take care of someone you loved
it's now how you worked hard to make them happy
and it's not how much you say 'i love u' to them

BUT,the most important is
How PURE is your love towards them

Once we have it, everything else will come automatically

Obtaining it is one thing
but to pursue them is not as easy as it seem

Try to achieve it, and for sure it will bring happiness to the people around

I'm sorry my dear
because you feel like i'm neglecting you lately
It's not what it looks like, honey

I just try to adapt with new environment
new schedule
new life in India

I know it sound selfish
and i feel bad about it.....:(

I love you baby,and always do
every time i pray, i always ask for our relationship to be last forever
never end eventhough we died

I'm sorry for everything
I'll be a better person for you
and not only for you
but for the sake of everyone else around including me...