Friday, May 8, 2009


but i can't sleep without hearing your voice first,honey..

it makes me feel so comfortable

soothing my every single nerves...

like a an eternal exquisite lullaby..

so that when i go to sleep

it's like having an angel besides me

in our own paradise....

dancing and singing in our safe haven


I'm so sorry if my persona did not please you~
I know sometimes i am impatient

So easy to get angry...

but that's how i am

i told you before..

If you want to know,i've change a lot

Before this,i'll get angry very easily..

If you ever remember,there's one teacher in our class
that i fight with...

do you remember???

how he chided me because of my disobedient

how i make my way to him because of the anger
that fired up in me???

Yes,i know i'm impatient

that's why i need you,honey..

to calm me down at the end of the day

put a closure to my hardship

i don't even sure if i ever changed

but the point is...

i want to treat you as ample as the way you treat me
i want to be worthy...
good enough for you..

So that,if we indeed go to the paradise in my dreams..

We can sing together
without me feeling inferior towards you